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Version: 1.00.007

Age: 4+
iOS: 6.1+
iPhone: 3GS+
iPad: 2+
iPod touch: 4G+

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[ 7 ] / SEVEN

All you need to enjoy a few minutes playing this game is some attention, some strategic thinking and a little bit of luck.

[ 7 ] is inspired by Vladislav Avrutin's SEVEN designed in 2009.

SEVEN is a two-player board game played with standard six-sided dice on a board with 49 squares arranged in a seven-by-seven (7 × 7) grid.

The game begins with 49 dice, each one facing a random integer from one to six side up and placed on each square.

Two players* take turns in order, with the initial player determined by chance before the game. A player takes turn removing from the board up to three pairs of dice. A pair of dice can be removed only if 7 is a sum of dots on their upper sides and each die is open. A die is said to be open if it has an empty space in its neighborhood, at least three squares wide. A die placed on the edge of the board is said to be open too.

Points are gained for each removed pair according to highest value in the pair, so, the pair [6]&[1] adds 6 points to a player's score, the pair [5]&[2] adds 5 points, and the pair [4]&[3] adds 4 points.

After three pairs are removed, other player takes turn; though, the turn may be passed earlier, if there are no removable pairs on the board or they're not recognized by a player. The dice on the board are re-rolled while passing the turn but each die remains on its square.

The game ends after the last pair has been removed and just one die is left on the board. If one player has a higher score than other, then that player wins. Otherwise, the game is drawn.

* You and the artificial intelligence of your gadget—[ 7 ].